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2-Way is an Independent feature film drama to be shot primarily in New Mexico. It is a meditation on marriage, fidelity, mortality, and second acts in American lives...


Dyanna Taylor


Dyanna Taylor is a 5-time Emmy award winning cinematographer whose prominent career in documentaries and features has also earned her a Peabody Award and the honored Muse Lifetime Achievement Award from New York Women in Film and Television. She has traveled the world lensing and directing films, documentaries, and television specials on social issues and environmental/wildlife concerns. Recently she directed the acclaimed documentary Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning and shot Who Will Write our History, a monumental documentary about Polish Jews in World War II Executive Produced by Nancy Spielberg; she is now 2nd Unit Director on Disney's live-action remake of Mulan, scheduled premiere in 2019.

Terry Borst

Writer & Executive Producer

Terry Borst is an award-winning professional screenwriter, member of the Writers Guild of America, and for most of the past decade was professor of screenwriting at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Produced screen credits include the sequel to the much-beloved Midnight Run; several years of episodes for the BBC television series BUGS; and screenplays for videogame blockbusters like Wing Commander III and Wing Commander IV. 

Claudio David Ruben

Executive Producer

Claudio David Ruben is managing director of Garson Film Studios in Santa Fe, NM and CEO of Red Dzambhala Films. Over 17 years, he has been involved with the production of features films, commercials and documentaries. His credits include working on the successful A&E/Netflix series Longmire, the Italian spaghetti- Western miniseries Doc West, anda short film on Tibetan culture featuring the Dalai Lama. Prior to his film career, he worked in commodities trading in Switzerland and obtained an English Law Degree from King’s College London. He is originally from Milan, Italy.

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